One of the properties that were later considated into one was the old St. Andrews Foundry. The foundry was created in 1851 by two Scottish brothers, John and Alexander Watson. The foundry was just that - it did castings for ships fittings, stoves, all heavy duty moulding work. The foundry passed through various owners over the years - Andrew Lamb, James Coakley and finally Michael McMonagle, who died a tragic and mysterious death in a canoe trip to Eastport. The Foundry closed in 1899 after his death, and the building was moved to the Lighthouse Point in 1913 to serve as a canning plant. Dig down 12 inches almost anywhere on our property and you will find a distinct layer of slag and coal.

Our property seen from the Lighhouse Point, 1890. Photo D. Will McKay.

The Beach Cottage (owner James Starkey) can be seen to the immediate left. The foundry building is the tallest roofline, in the rear, just to the left of center.

Crop showing foundry building, rear

The St. Andrews Foundry