In the early to early middle part of the 20th century Albert Denley owned one of the properties that were later consolidated under the name Seaside Inn and Cabins. Mr. Denley ran a livery Stable (taxi and delivery service) out of our barn and lived next door in the building that we call, imaginatively, the Denley House, seen to the right in this photograph. The large false front is long gone, as is the structure to the left. Our stables units were the original barn - a small saltbox. Mr. Denley, as his business prospered, added the large front section and the piece at the back we call Stable Three.

Albert Denley and Family - Archie Shirley, 1916.

St. Croix Courier, June 1, 1916
Albert Denley, the well known livery man, has added to his outfit a very handsome D-45 McLaughlin Cox, for the convenience and accommodation of his customers. It is a five passenger touring car with all the up to-date comforts and is the most stylish car that has yet come to town.

Barn, circa 1975

Seaside Inn and Cabins started off in fine style in the 30s but the property was allowed to slide considerably in the 60s and 70s. By the time the Campbells purchased it in 1980 there was need for substantial renovations.